RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation

The RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation aims to foster clinical and scientific research in women’s health, support global health projects, and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Māori women’s health initiatives. 

History & Work

RANZCOG has long supported women’s health research through the work of the RANZCOG Research Foundation; a separate entity to the College until 2014, when its operations were transferred to a newly established Foundation within the College.

Through the RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation, under oversight of the Research Grants Committee, the College continues to fund promising early-career researchers across Australia and New Zealand by annually awarding those research fellowships, scholarships and travel grants previously offered by the RANZCOG Research Foundation.

The RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation supports the philanthropic activities of the Global Health Committee, including the development of medical, midwifery and research skills in the reproductive health workforce in the Pacific, by managing and raising funds for their use. With time it is hoped that funds raised will grow the work of this important Committee as well as provide funding support for other worthwhile causes. In this regard, the Brian Spurrett Foundation Management Committee was disbanded during late 2014, and the associated funds and activities bearing the Brian Spurrett name are now managed and administered collaboratively between the RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation and the Global Health Committee.

Support the Foundation

The College is very grateful to all those who have supported its philanthropic work in the past and is hopeful that this support will continue to grow under the RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation.

Donate to the RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation

RANZCOG members are also able to donate to the RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation via the payments section within the My.RANZCOG Members Portal. To make a donation, please log into your myranzcog portal, select a nominated amount or specify an ‘other’ amount and choose the Pay option.

Jean Murray Jones Scholarship

The Scholarship provides up to $90,000 in financial assistance to a RANZCOG Fellow, or FRANZCOG Trainee who has completed all requirements of Core Training, to undertake training or professional development in women’s health outside Western Australia (WA).
Applicants should intend to take up a position in WA after completion of the proposed training or professional development funded by the Scholarship.

How to Apply

Applications for the Jean Murray Jones Scholarship 2020 are now closed. 

About the Jean Murray Jones Scholarship

The Scholarship is made available from monies earned by the rental of the property generously bequeathed to the College by the late Dr Jean Murray Jones with the intention that this be used to benefit Fellows in WA.

Grants and Scholarships for Research or Travel

The RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation continues to offer research scholarships previously offered by the RANZCOG Research Foundation.

Each year, the RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation offers a number of research and travel scholarships to those practising in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. The RANZCOG Research Grants Committee assess applications using a process modelled on the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) process with revisions to ensure, as much as possible, that early-career support for high-quality researchers with a commitment to women’s health is promoted through the selection process. 

NOTE: Applications for 2020 are now closed. Applications for 2021 will open next year, in late April.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can scholarship funds be used for salary supplementation?

Yes – the proposed use of funds is one aspect of the project that the assessment committee will examine as part of the assessment process. The Deed of Agreement relating to RANZCOG Foundation scholarships states that:

“Scholarship/Fellowship funds may be used for any of the following areas in part or in full:
  • Salary of the scholar
  • Salary of a research assistant for the project
  • Consumables
  • Conference attendance
  • Other expenses (excluding infrastructure) – to be stated in expenditure statement.”
You should also refer to the individual conditions of the scholarship(s) you are applying for. These are available by clicking on the name of the scholarship(s) you are applying for in the Categories menu above.

Are retrospective applications acceptable? For example, for travel already completed?

No – only prospective applications will be eligible for consideration.

Is a one year research project completed part time over two years eligible for a scholarship with a one year tenure? 

Applicants may apply for funding for a project running longer than the scholarship term, however they should note the stipulation in the assessment policy that: “Applications from researchers whose projects can reasonably be expected to be completed within the tenure of the scholarship, fellowship or grant for which they are being considered for possible award will be given preference over those that exceed the tenure of the award.”

Can I apply for a scholarship if I already hold a RANZCOG Foundation scholarship? 

Generally the answer is yes, however you will not be entitled to the 10 point loading (see the Policy on Research Grant Assessment) which may affect your likelihood of being successful. Some scholarships specifically exclude current/previous scholarship holders so applicants will need to check individual scholarship conditions before applying.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship in a year?

Applicants may apply for more than one scholarship, but may not submit applications for more than one research project or more than one travel placement in any one year. Applicants should also check the individual scholarship eligibility conditions before applying.

Can I apply for a travel scholarship if I do not have a confirmed attachment/placement? 

Unfortunately we are unable to accept travel scholarship applications without a confirmed attachment/placement.

When will I hear back about my application?

Recommendations on scholarship recipients are made at the Research Grants Committee meeting which is held in the last week of September. Following this, the recommendations need to be ratified, which can take several weeks. Applicants should expect to receive notification of the outcome of their application by mid to late October.

Recipients of Research Grants and Scholarships


Recipients of RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation Scholarships & Fellowships Commencing in 2020

The RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation is pleased to announce that the following applicants have been offered scholarships commencing in 2020:

Arthur Wilson Memorial Scholarship, 2020-2021
Recipient: Dr Claire Henry
Institution: University of Otago, Wellington
Project: Molecular profile of Endometrial Cancer in New Zealand women

Fotheringham Research Fellowship, 2020-2021 
Recipient: Dr Tristan Hardy
Institution: SA Pathology
Project: Pregnancy Loss to Preimplantation Genetic Testing: Improving the pathway for couples affected by stillbirth, congenital abnormality or neonatal death 

Norman Beischer Clinical Research Scholarship, 2020-2021
Recipient: Dr Manarangi De Silva, The University of Melbourne
Institution: The University of Melbourne
Project: Improving maternal health in the Asia-Pacific Region

RANZCOG NSW Regional Committee Fellow Research Grant, 2020
Recipient: Dr Monica Zen, Westmead Hospital/ Charles Perkins Centre
Institution: Westmead Hospital/ Charles Perkins Centre
Project: Childhood health consequences and cognitive outcomes in children exposed to preeclampsia in utero

RANZCOG NSW Regional Committee Trainee Research Grant, 2020 (Three awarded)
Recipient: Dr Kelly McNamara, University of Sydney
Institution: University of Sydney
Project: Pregnancy Intention, Contraception and Obstetric Outcomes in Women Who Use Alcohol and Other Drugs in Pregnancy

Recipient: Dr Madeleine Sheppard, Kolling Institute, Royal North Shore Hospital
Institution: Kolling Institute, Royal North Shore Hospital
Project: Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Pregnancy

Recipient: Dr Katherine Whitton, Royal Hospital for Women
Institution: Royal Hospital for Women
Project: Can markers in serum and follicular fluid be used to predict the outcome of in-vitro oocyte maturation?

Robert Wrigley Pain Research Scholarship, 2020-2021
Recipient: Dr Karen Chan, Women’s Health and Research Institute of Australia
Institution: Women’s Health and Research Institute of Australia
Project: Randomised double-blinded cross-over trial assessing the efficacy of topical amitriptyline combined with estriol in the treatment of women with pudendal neuralgia or vulvodynia

Taylor-Hammond Research Scholarship, 2020
Recipient: Dr Charlotte Reddington, The Royal Women’s Hospital
Institution: The Royal Women’s Hospital
Project: The impact of age and parity on the experience of relief and regret in women who have undergone hysterectomy for benign disease.

Travel Scholarships/Fellowships

Beresford Buttery Travel Grant, 2020
Recipient: Dr Jennifer Pontré
Details: To support her travel to the University of Sao Paulo Medical School and Digimagem Diagnosticos Medicos, Sau Paulo, to undertake intensive training in transvaginal ultrasound for deeply infiltrating endometriosis.
Brown Craig Travelling Fellowship, 2020
Recipient: Dr Jerome Melon
Details: To support his travel to the International Urogynaecological Association/American Urogynecologic Society Joint Scientific Meeting in Nashville, USA

RANZCOG NSW Regional Committee Travelling Scholarship, 2020
Recipient: Dr Galabadage Jayasinghe
Details: To support her travel to Port Moresby General Hospital, Papua New Guinea, to undertake a 6-month clinical fellowship

The following projects will continue to be funded in 2020:

Ella Macknight Memorial Scholarship, 2019-2020
Recipient: Dr Monika Skubisz                         
Institution: South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
Project: A randomised controlled trial to investigate the necessity of prenatal folic acid supplementation beyond 12 weeks of gestation.
Glyn White Research Fellowship, 2019-2020
Recipient: Dr Roxanne Hastie         
Institution: University of Melbourne/Mercy Hospital for Women
Project: Improved Characterisation of Eclampsia (ICE study).
Mary Elizabeth Courier Research Scholarship, 2019-2020
Recipient: Dr Daniella Susic
Institution: Royal Hospital for Women, University of New South Wales, Sydney
Project: The uterine microbiome in obesity-related endometrial cancer: identifying it's composition and relationship with clinicopathological features and local and systemic biomarkers.
Norman Beischer Clinical Research Scholarship, 2019-2020
Recipient: Dr Carole-Anne Whigham
Institution: University of Melbourne/Mercy Hospital for Women
Project: Detecting Circulating Maternal Biomarkers to Predict Fetal Size: FLAG 2 (Fetal Longitudinal Assessment of Growth)


Previous Scholarship recipients

You can view previous Foundation scholarship recipients, 2015 to present (PDF). 

You can view previous RANZCOG Research Foundation Scholarship Recipients 1989-2014 (PDF).

Foundation Scholarship Presentation Ceremony 2018

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation Research and Travel Scholarships. 

Outgoing RANZCOG President, Professor Steve Robson and Professor Jonathan Morris, Chair, RANZCOG Research Grants Committee presented certificates to seven of the scholarship recipients at a presentation ceremony held at College House.

L to R: Scholarship recipients Dr Kata Kraljevic, Dr Daniella Susic, Dr Zhuoran Chen, Dr Chin Yong, Dr Rangi De Silva, Dr Roxanne Hastie and Dr Carole-Anne Whigham attended the 2018 RANZCOG Women’s Health Foundation Scholarship awards ceremony.

Foundation Scholarship Presentation Ceremony 2017

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation Research and Travel Scholarships. Several of the talented recipients were recognised at a presentation ceremony held at College House, where they spoke about their research projects and travel plans.


Foundation Scholarship Presentation Ceremony 2016

At the 2016 RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation Scholarship Presentation Ceremony, outgoing RANZCOG President, Professor Michael Permezel, presented certificates to seven of the scholarship recipients. We congratulate all of the recipients and wish them well as they commence their research projects.

L to R: Scholarship recipients Dr Kirsten Palmer, Dr Nirmala Kampan, Dr Rachael Rodgers, Dr Tanya Nippita, Dr Noor Lokman, Dr Sarika Gupta and Dr Jason Phung attended the 2016 RANZCOG Foundation Scholarship awards ceremony held at College House, Melbourne in November.

The Liam and Frankie Davison Award

The Liam and Frankie Davison Award recognises outstanding achievement in literary writing on an issue in women’s health, by students in their final three years of secondary school.

Read about how to apply on the Liam and Frankie Davison Award page.


More Information                 

For more information, please contact the RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation Coordinator:

Phone: +61 3 9412 2993
Email: [email protected]

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