DRANZCOG Advanced Case Syntheses

Trainees must submit for assessment five (5) de-identified written Case Syntheses on a range of obstetric conditions. 

Cases selected must:
  • be particularly unusual and/or problematic;
  • be based on patients under the care of the trainee during their DRANZCOG Advanced training;
  • be relevant and valuable to the candidate's current and/or intended practice, and
  • require the candidate to undertake research so that the final synthesis of each case is representative of evidence-based best practice.

A case synthesis template is available for trainees to use.

Download the Case Synthesis template.

Two Training Supervisors are required to assess all case syntheses, each Supervisor using a separate assessment form for each case.

Any case syntheses assessed as unsatisfactory must be repeated until at least Minimal Acceptable Passing Standard (MAPS) is achieved for all criteria. Both assessment forms for each case (one from each Training Supervisor) must be submitted with the cases when the logbook is submitted to the State Reference Committee (SRC) Chair at the completion of training.

More information

For more information regarding the DRANZCOG Advanced Case Syntheses: 

CWH/Diploma Training Programs
Email: [email protected]



Dr Jessica Webb

Dr Jessica Webb is a year four FRANZCOG trainee, originally from Lismore, in the Northern Rivers region of far north New South Wales.



Dr Fleur Muirhead

Dr Fleur Muirhead is the elected CWH/DRANZCOG trainee representative on the RANZCOG Trainees’ Committee.



Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku welcomes cultural safety report

RANZCOG has welcomed the release of the Cultural safety within vocational medical training report.